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Galli, A., Reyes G.E. and M. Sagastume (2003). Strong amalgamation, Beck-Chevalley for equivalence relations and interpolation in Algebraic Logic. Fuzzy sets and systems 138, 3-23.

We extend Makkai’s proof of strong amalgamation (push-outs of monos along arbitrary maps are monos) from the category of Heyting algebras to a class which includes the categories of symmetric bounded distributive lattices, symmetric Heyting algebras, Heyting modal S4-algebras, Heyting modal bi-S4-algebras, and Lukasiewicz n-valued algebras. We also extend and improve Pitt’s proof that strong amalgamation implies Beck-Chevalley for filters of Heyting algebras to exact categories with certain push-outs. As a consequence, a form of the Interpolation Lemma for some non-classical calculi is proved.

Strong Amalgamation